Or, Identifying bullshit in the information age Since the “FW:FW:FW:FW” emails of the late 90s through Onion and Duffel Blog-level satire being shared as fact to the onset of real Fake News being shared as so-called Real News recently, there needed to be shared methodologies for rooting out disinformation, misinformation, satire and fact.   Inevitably […]

Once upon a time, you see, radicals protested against being told what to do. They wrote a document that picked a fight. The fight turned into a war, which they fought (even on Christmas). They won the war and years later, through years of toil and discussion and debate and pistols-at-dawn, they encoded much of […]

I know why the mustachioed youngster sings. If that seems like I ripped off Maya Angelou for my own personal lede, you’re right. So congratulate yourself and get over it. Everything rips off everything, all music is old music, and no culture is real. I’m about to ruin everyone’s day, and in the process provide […]

In which the author takes a moment to tell you why technology doesn’t matter in an insurgency.

Before any of you go getting all Language Police on me, my first order of business is to take the steam out of you. “Offended-at-all-costs” is no way of going through life, son. Neither is fat, drunk and stupid, as they say, but you can pick and choose. That means you can be offended, just […]

Then, promptly it died on the floor of the Internet on November 27. There it lay for some time, drifting amid the myriad ‘pedias, lurking on the comments sections and refining its writing styles to better serve the public through the high-minded notion that “If it didn’t bother the world, the world wouldn’t bother it.” […]

On April 20, 2008, it became self-aware of the possibilities of social media. Anonymous Rants Feelings of Unabashed Superiority An Apathetic yet Frustrated Audience The Best Things You’ll Ever Read Book it. Done.On November 25, 2012, it declared an all-out, self-serving and completely useless war against propaganda of many forms, the incorrect usage of the […]